The Easiest Way to Stream Multicast on Your Network.

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Multicasting Offers Great Benefits!

Live streaming a multicast signal on a corporate network provides many benefits, and doesn't need to be expensive or complicated. The term "Multicast" is often misleading (PDF).

Learn how this works (PDF).

Global Distribution

Distribute a single stream across multiple networks, cities, or countries, for efficient smart low bandwidth consumption.


Use the popular Wowza Streaming Engine Server to configure the multicast source and additional security restrictions.


Protect live streams by adding geograhical, domain, or IP restrictions, to guarantee safe distribution only to designated audience.


Multicast Agent Works on Wind​ows and Mac operating systems and is compatible with different browsers and HTML5 video players!

Flexible Distribution

Empower corporate video production teams with the ability to stream multicast or unicast video to viewers on computers or mobile devices, using a single URL, inside or outside the network.